Welcome to CBSI shops, your one-stop for all your comic needs.

Spawning off comicbookinvest.com, CBSI shops is an attempt to bring the community spirit we have developed for years over at our g+ community to the public at large.

There are currently 45 shops maintained by members of our community with only one objective in mind: make you happy with your purchase so that you come back!

It's for that reason that we try to provide the most accurate conditions with pictures of the comic for sale. You will know exactly what you are getting and how you will be getting it.

There are 2344 comics for sale in the different shops, so take a look at the comics in all the shops through our browsing options or return to your favourite shop if you already have one.

Here are a few random examples of what's waiting for you:

GHOST RIDER (2016) #1
Gabriele Dell'Otto Frankie's Comics/Sad Lemon Comics/7 ate 9 Comics B/W Variant /1500
NM/MT 9.8

NOVA (1976) #1
1: Nova (Richard Rider)
VF 8.0

Jill Thompson 1:25 Variant
NM 9.4

You can browse through the comics by series, by publisher, by shop or by selecting one of the following tags:

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Still not convinced? Take a look at the last few comics you missed:

NEW X-MEN (2004) #44
J. Scott Campbell 1:20 Cover
NM 9.4

NEW AVENGERS (2013) #8
NM- 9.2

Javier Rodriguez 1:25 Variant
CBCS 9.8

SHIPWRECK (2016) #1
John McCrea 1:10 Variant
CBCS 9.8